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Build pages without code

Our page builder is crafted to be simple, allowing you to put together a page with building blocks and zero coding skills.


Ready to use components

Save time by selecting from our library of prebuilt, ready to use components, and focus on what really matters.

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Export Circle Highlight Code

The pages you create are truly yours. Export everything you've built any time, and use it in your existing setup. The code exported is clean HTML and CSS, or React code.

What else we got?

Who needs a learning curve?

Nobody. And nobody needs to spend hours learning how our intuitive editor works.

Do anything

While we focus on simplicity we don't compromise on flexibility. We've added powerful tools such as templating, reusable components, and formulas, so you can build whatever your imagination holds.


Connect data sources such as SQL Databases, GraphQL or REST APIs, Google Sheets, Airtable, and more.

Bring your own components

Already have your own React components? No problemo, just import them and use them in our editor.

Developer friendly

If you know how to code you will feel right at home. Integrate our API with your CD pipeline.

No Vendor Lock-In

Who likes being trapped? Exporting your code allows you to fully own your pages.

Sharing is Caring

Share your pages with anyone. Realtime collaboration makes working together a breeze.


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It costs nothing to create and export your pages.


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For small projects

  • ✅ Deploy your page with a click of a button
  • ✅ Custom domain $1 per domain
  • ✅ 10k page views / month included
  • ✅ $2 per every additional 10k page views / month
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For teams

  • ✅ Deploy your page with a click of a button
  • ✅ Realtime Collaboration
  • ✅ Custom domain $1 per domain
  • ✅ 25 Deploys per month included
  • ✅ 10k page views / month included
  • ✅ $2 per every additional 10k page views / month
  • ✅ $1 per additional 10 deploys

$15 per 10 seats and month

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