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Latest Projects

Gennaro Softeis
Mühle Shaving
The Goodieroom
  • Stadt Würzburg
  • Art Script GmbH
  • Bellezza

“Wizely impressed with their high-quality work and speedy communication; their reliability should also be emphasised. I recommend them without reservation.”
Prof Dr Harald Wehnes
Prof Dr Harald Wehnes
Entrepreneur & Professor at the University of Würzburg

Managed Websites

We will create a website that is as unique as you are, without the hassle.

How it works

Submit requests

Once you are a member you will get access to your own task board, where you can request updates for your website.

Receive updates

We start working on the tasks. The turn around time to finish requests is typically between 1 and 2 working days.

Revise until satisfied

When you are satisfied with the work, we release the updates, otherwise we will continue to work on it.
  • A work of art

    We don't do average. Your website will be a masterpiece, crafted with care and finesse.

  • State of the art

    We've got our eagle eyes trained on all the details you might overlook. Performance, accessibility, and industry best practices.

  • SEO

    Our websites are built to be SEO superheroes, making sure you shine bright in search results.

  • Run for you

    Leave the technical stuff to us, including hosting, and domain setup, so you can focus on what matters - running your business.

Fullstack Projects

Need more than just a website? We've got the talent and the secret sauce to bring your vision to life.

Industry expertise

We're like your tech-savvy best friend, but with better coding skills.

Strategic & technical consultation

Not only do we help you with the technical parts, but also with market strategies and project planning.

Managed project

We manage the project from start to finish, including planning, implementation, deployment and maintenance.
  • Web Applications

    Full fledged web applications with extensive features.

  • Apps

    Mobile apps for iOS and Android.

  • Backends

    Databasese, APIs, and infrastructure.

  • Shops

    Shopify shops, custom storefronts, or fully custom stores.

What Our Customers Say

“When we approached Wizely with the vision for our new online store, we were impressed by the speed and precision with which they turned our ideas into reality. Wizely not only demonstrated technical excellence in realizing our concept but also excelled in communication throughout the entire project. Their ability to quickly grasp complex requirements and implement them efficiently clearly sets Wizely apart from other companies we've worked with before. The collaboration was marked by professionalism and a deep understanding of our needs, leading to the perfect execution of our online store. We are impressed by the speed and quality of Wizely's work and recommend their services without hesitation.”

Angelo Gennaro
Angelo Gennaro
CEO at Gennaro Eis GmbH

Our Expertise

Web apps
iOS Apps
Android Apps
GPT Integration
React Native
Chrome Extensions
Tailwind CSS
Github Actions
Newsletter Integration
Email Integration
Calendly Integration
Apple Wallet
Google Pass
Desktop applications
Software Architecture
Shopify customizations
Shopify custom store fronts
SEO Optimization
Performance Marketing


Managed Website

One active request at a time, and we create your website. Pause or cancel any time.


What's included

  • One active request at a time
  • React / Astro / SolidJS + Tailwind
  • Delivery time for website is usually 2 - 4 weeks, depends on scope.
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited revisions
  • SEO optimization
  • Fast support response time
  • Pause or cancel any time

Fullstack Projects

For custom and advanced projects. Includes strategic and technical consultation, design, implementation.

What's included

  • Fullstack project development
  • Technical consultation
  • Software architecture
  • Strategic consultation
  • Project management done for you
  • Access to our team
  • We help you hire technical experts
  • Fast response time
  • Pause or cancel any time


How many requests can I make at a time?

There is no limit on the number of requests you can make. However, we will only work at one request at a time.

How long does a full website typically take to be delivered?

You can expect the final version of your website to be delivered in after about 2 - 4 weeks. This depends a lot on the scope of the website.

How fast will I receive updates?

Tasks typically take 1 - 2 working days. More complex tasks can take longer, so we advise to break them up into smaller tasks.

How do I submit requests?

We communicate through Slack, Email, WhatsApp, Trello Boards, based on your preference.

What happens if I pause my subscription?

When you pause your subscription, we stop working on any tasks. As soon as you resume the subscription, we start working on tasks again. You can pause in the middle of a billing cycle, in case you don't have any tasks to work on.

What's the difference between the managed website and fullstack projects?

The managed websites service is only for creating simple websites such as static sites and blogs. For more advanced projects, for example when you need a database and custom logic, we provide fullstack projects. If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Do you do SEO?

Our websites are SEO friendly and we always follow the best practices.

What about marketing?

While our core competence is software development, we also have a lot of experience in marketing. Talk to us to learn more.

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