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Case Study: How a custom web app created a new 6-figure revenue stream within two months

Friday, June 21th, 2024+

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Our client approached us with a big problem: He needed a solution that helped him manage thousands of contacts for a big, upcoming event.

There was off-the-shelf software for this that he used in the past. But that was outdated, buggy, and didn't have all the features he needed.

And the worst: it was expensive.

After talking to us, he decided to build his own.

The outcome:

In this exclusive webinar we want to share this story with you.

Join us to learn:

Date & Time: Friday, June 21th, 2024, 18:00 EST

Duration: 1 Hour

Host: Denis from Wizely - Experts in Custom Software Development

Who Should Attend: Business owners, and decision-makers who are looking for software solutions that are perfectly aligned with their business needs.


(Limited number of slots available)

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